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One Genius at a time

Introducing MailGenius. A personalized testing tool that helps your message reach the inbox. Complete with human-friendly solutions and live chat.

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Optimize deliverability before you hit SEND

Our test provides actionable advice to help you reach the inbox

Prevent outsiders from spoofing your domain

Get personalized instructions to configure your domain properly for email.

See if your Server is blacklisted

Find out if your Server or Domain are on any major blacklists. And if so, fix it.

Discover how good your subject line is.

Write messages that drive more opens, clicks, and conversations.

Ensure your content will avoid Spam Filters

Are your emails going to the spam folder because of phrases or links in your message? Find out.

Our Team

Jesse Hernandez

Founding Partner

Jesse has worked with over 150 clients and companies to help them maximize their revenue from email marketing by ensuring their emails reach the inbox. He accomplished this by developing a holistic process that encompasses all facets of email marketing from strategy to copy and infrastructure.

Mike Holubowski


Mike has spent the last decade building data backed products for Google, Procore, Graphiq, and the email platform LimeLeads. Through LimeLeads he helped over 3,000 companies leverage outbound email to acquire customers. Along the way, he developed an acute awareness of the needs and pain points surrounding email. MailGenius is the natural evolution of these experiences.

Jason Gittler


Jason first joined the software engineering industry nearly a decade ago while attending UCSB. Most recently working at Procore Technologies, he led efforts around structured and free form data comprehension, multi-tenant web infrastructure, and REST APIs at scale. The insights derived from large data sets and efficiency gained from automation are his strengths and driving interests.

Daniel Levi


Since 2013, Daniel has been in the trenches using email marketing (including cold prospecting) to introduce services and achieve sales. Through painstaking analysis, Daniel has learned how to create messages that get through and drive action.


When will MailGenius launch?

We are planning to launch the first version of MailGenius in July. Be sure to request your invite now to stay updated on our progress!

What's your vision for MailGenius?

Our vision for MailGenius is to create a tool that will provide you with actionable advice to reach the inbox. Email Deliverability is complex but we want to change that. One genius at a time.

How much does MailGenius cost?

You get 3 free tests daily. You can also subscribe to get unlimited tests each month for only $4.99 a month. We also offer 1:1 consulting.

How can I help?

We would love your input on what our experience and feature direction should be going forward. You can reach out to us at or chat with us live on the site. We take your feedback very seriously and want to make sure MailGenius is a product you need and want.